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Gavin McKenzie

Gavin McKenzie is software architect and mobile developer with over two decades of experience. His company is Angry Pumpkin Software

About Gavin

Gavin's career in the commercial software industry spans over twenty years. He has demonstrated vision and leadership with an ability to communicate and meet goals from an initial concept through all aspects of the software development process. Gavin's vision was realized as the inventor of the XML forms and document publishing technology (XFA) acquired by Adobe and incorporated into Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle enterprise software.

Growing up in the 1980s, Gavin's passion for software development started during the golden age of personal computers. Impatient to work in the software industry, Gavin completed high-school and college while still a teenager, and started his career at a small Ottawa-based software company in 1989. That company went public in 1993 as JetForm Corporation, offering solutions for electronic forms, business process automation, and document generation. JetForm grew into a successful global company, and was acquired in 2002 by Adobe Systems Incorporated. After leaving Adobe in 2005, Gavin formed his own company and worked as an independent contractor delivering Adobe-centric solutions to enterprise customers.

Over the course of his career, in addition to always doing software development, Gavin has excelled in roles as diverse as chief architect and product manager; he is co-inventor on several patents pertaining to Adobe PDF and XML document formats; and, he was a member of the W3C XForms Working Group and Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group.

Recognizing the impact and opportunity initially brought about with the success of the Apple iPhone and iPad, Gavin refocused his business in 2010 to the development of mobile solutions.

Gavin lives in Ottawa Canada with his wife, daughter, and a 150 gallon reef tank populated with a number of tropical fish that watch his every move.

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Angry Pumpkin Software


Angry Pumpkin was founded by Gavin McKenzie, a veteran of commercial software development and enterprise solution delivery. That experience gives Angry Pumpkin a deep understanding of how mobile applications must be an extension of the overall software strategy of a business, and built for security and reliability.

Adobe Systems Inc.

From 2002-2006. Adobe acquired Accelio

  • Senior developer in a team focused on developing machine-learning strategies for extracting useful metadata from document content.
  • Contributing member to XForms and Semantic Web W3C working groups:
  • Chief architect on the family of XML and PDF technologies that were integrated into Adobe Acrobat and comprise the foundation of the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.
  • Co-inventor on three patents pertaining to Adobe PDF and XML document formats, dynamic page layout, and multi-locale intelligent documents.

Accelio Corporation

From 2001-2002. JetForm rebranded as Accelio.

  • Director of Core Technology Development, leading a team of developers that built foundational technologies acquired by Adobe.
  • Evaluated and managed all open-source development and licensing.
  • Identified the need for a standards-compliant C++ XSLT engine, and off-shored the development to a company in the Czech Republic.

JetForm Corporation

From 1989-2001. Was known as Indigo Software from 1989-1993

  • Development Manager, of a team developing an XML and PDF based document publishing engine.
  • Lead Developer, on a series of initiatives that re-engineered the JetForm products for use in Asian markets. Capabilities were added to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • Provided expertise to other development teams on matters related to internationalization, Unicode, and locale-specific character encodings.
  • Project Lead and Architect, in the JetForm consulting services group that delivered customized solutions to JetForm enterprise customers.